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watson_imscared's Journal

Freak shows! Vampires! Horror! And stuff!
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The dark side of life in the turn of the 20th century as it is depicted in various horror and detective novels and films.

This community is all about horror and ugly business. Fan art, as well as original art and all kinds of fiction and poetry is welcome here, as long as the historical era depicted in them sets between the late 19th century and WWII. (But we let the slips to modern days pass between our fingers too...:P)

The subjects of discussion are endless and may vary from Count Dracula and Alice in Wonderland to sideshows and medical curiosities.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously. All kinds of silliness is allowed and encouraged. The community has no rules or punishments for sliding out of the theme, just try to avoid posting your harrypotter!badmanga here. :)

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(art by harriet_kaarre)

This community is also home for the weird Holmes/Watson comic strip written and drawn by the maintainers.
Dr. Watson's Inner Monologue

(color bar by nix_xon)

Please don't hesitate to post your own weird art if you have some!